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About Us

Limon Aid is a non-profit organization that was started when Dr. Susan Caldwell first went on a medical mission trip to Limon, a small village on the Honduran coast. She fell in love with the village and began to work to make life in the poverty-stricken village safer and healthier for the people there.

Though the primary purpose has been to provide medical care, medications, and health education through the clinic in Limon started by the Carolina Honduras Health Foundation, it became obvious that the needs of Limon were far greater than health care.

Other projects were undertaken, including getting clean water to a very poor part of the village, building public restrooms, working with local midwives, helping the local soup kitchen, helping with the orphanage, and many others. The organization also assisted in Haiti after the devastating earthquake there in 2010.

Limon is a municipality in the department of Colón in Honduras with a large population of Garifuna people. It is located on the Caribbean coast on the northern border of Honduras.

Map of Honduras